Strong points of Unitarian Christianity

a lecture delivered at Leeds, October 30th, 1873
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Unitarianism, Christi
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The UU Christian God is all-loving, as our Universalist forbears taught, and a unity, as our Unitarian forebears taught. This God is too big to be contained in one person, one book, one tradition, or one time in history.

Unitarianism in Poland. Unitarianism appeared in Poland in incipient form in when Peter Gonesius, a Polish student, proclaimed views derived from Servetus at a Polish Reformed Church synod. Controversies that ensued with tritheists, ditheists, and those who affirmed the unity of God resulted in a schism in and the formation of the Minor Reformed Church of Poland (Polish Brethren).

Unitarianism is a theological movement named for its view that the God in Christianity is one person, contrary to the Trinity which defines God as. True Christianity This little volume is for everyone who wants a true and honest relationship with God.

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Channing has pointed out clearly the true nature of The Faith. To devotedly and humbly follow Jesus in the love of God and one's fellows is a true and honest calling.

Yhis book is to be highly valued and frquently reread/5. Unitarianism, in general, the form of Christianity that denies the doctrine of the Trinity, believing that God exists only in one person.

While there were previous antitrinitarian movements in the early Christian Church, like Arianism and Monarchianism, modern Unitarianism originated in the period of the Protestant Reformation. Briefly described, Unitarian Christianity is, like other forms of Christianity, a religion that asserts the divine character, divine spirit, and divine foundation of the teaching of Jesus Christ.

It places particular emphasis on reason, conscience, and free will in religion and uses contemporary methods to understand myths and symbols of the past. By the standards of today's Unitarian Universalism, Channing's theology will sound quite conservative at points.

I won't list the conservative features; you will be able to pick them out yourself. I offer this abridgment of Channing's speech. It is a link to our increasingly distant beginnings in Protestant Christianity.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan, Kansas It took years of participating in and even leading UU congregations for me to re-discover the value of Jesus in my spiritual life. When I first came to Unitarian Universalism, I felt relief that I didn’t have to know what I believed about God or prayer or Christianity.

This great book of religious prose, poetry, and drama Strong points of Unitarian Christianity book awarded a place of honor in every Unitarian church.

Unitarian services usually include a reading or a sermon from Holy Writ. Divinity students, in their preparation for the Unitarian ministry, undergo a thorough training in the Bible. A topical index points to the specific focus of the hymns and covers all the principal religious and seasonal celebrations.

This hymn book – with words and music – reflects and supports the diversity in contemporary Unitarian worship. Lindsey Press,ISBNsoftback, £ This book wrecked me in the worst and best possible way.

Shauna puts into words the frustrations I’ve been carrying for far too long (that were honestly due to my own perfectionist tendencies), and like an older sister, kindly and gently points the way to a quieter, more present way of life. UNITARIAN CHRISTIANITY by William Ellery Channing Delivered at the Ordination of Rev.

Jared Sparks in The First Independent Church of Baltimore on May 5, 1 Thes. "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." There are two natural divisions under which my thoughts will be arranged.

In Lindsey and his colleague John Disney were behind the "first organized denominational Unitarian society", formally The Unitarian Society for promoting Christian Knowledge and the Practice of Virtue by the Distribution of Books but more simply known as the Unitarian Book Society.

This was followed by The Unitarian Fund (), which sent. Worship of and prayer to Christ had been a bone of contention earlier; Socinus famously debated the Hungarian unitarian Ferenc Dávid (a.k.a.

Francis David, ca. –79) on this point, the latter vehemently denying the appropriateness of worshiping or praying to any being but God. Note: This is a major Novem update of the original Novem blog post, adding my own take on things.

I have the same content at “Miles Kimball on `The 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism'“ I have mentioned on this blog that I am a Unitarian Universalist. The first edition of this book was the first apologetics book I ever read.

As a pre-law student, Josh McDowell set out to disprove the Bible.

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During his research into the fallacies of the Christian faith, he discovered the opposite - the undeniable reality of Jesus Christ. In this updated version he examines the reliability of the Bible and its. Unitarianism, that is, as a rejection of trinitarianism, is a Christian heresy.

At least, from my perspective. Which, of course, is the true one. Casting that aside, a lot is going to depend on what fellowship you're going to.

In my experience a lot of Unitarian Universalists really don't. Brooke Herford (Febru Decem ) was a Unitarian minister, noted preacher, and author, who served several important churches in Great Britain and America.

In addition, he was a religious enthusiast who travelled tirelessly throughout Britain spreading with great success the Bible-based message of Unitarian Christianity. You should not be a Unitarian Universalist if you're a Christian who doesn't think atheists belong here.

You should not be a Unitarian Universalist if you're an atheist who thinks Christians don't belong here, or Buddhists, or psychics, or pagans, or spiritualists. Remember the criterion for.

Unitarian Universalism (UU) is a liberal religion characterized by a "free and responsible search for truth and meaning". Unitarian Universalists assert no creed, but instead are unified by their shared search for spiritual growth, guided by a dynamic, "living tradition".Currently, these traditions are summarized by the Six Sources and Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism, documents.

Written for both Christian and non-Christian Unitarian Universalists, this book is a goldmine of history, theology, and wisdom from his lived experience as college chaplain, Unitarian Universalist minister, and practicing Christian.

—Rev. Kathleen C. Rolenz, editor of Christian Voices in Unitarian Universalism. Unitarian Universalists use many biblical concepts and terms but with non-biblical meanings. Unitarianism is not Christian. There is a group known as the Unitarian Universalist Association.

This denomination which was formed in in the United States when the American Unitarian Association and the Universalist Church of America merged. If you want to learn how to have a godly, lasting love, these books offer a good starting point, with resources from leading Christian voices on the subject of marriage.

01 of   Unitarian Universalists hold the Principles as strong values and moral teachings. As Rev. Barbara Wells ten Hove explains, “ The Principles are not dogma or doctrine, but rather a guide for those of us who choose to join and participate in Unitarian Universalist religious communities.

Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My library. Books shelved as unitarian-universalism: A Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism by John A. Buehrens, The Unitarian Universalist Pocket. Leaping forward years, in his recent book Islam in BritainNabil Matar, a Christian Palestinian, was interested in following up reports of English converts to Islam in England but found the issue confounded with Unitarian matters.

He writes of the. UNITARIAN CHRISTIANITY We do not, however, attach equal importance to all the books in this collection. Our religion, we believe, lies chiefly in the New Testament. The dispensation of Moses, compared with that of Jesus, we consider as adapted to the childhood of the human race, a preparation for a nobler system, and chiefly useful now as.

A Brief History of Unitarian Christianity. Chris Fisher. Early History-The Apostolic Period to the 7th Century. Arguably, it might be said that Unitarian Christianity, or the belief in one God who is a uni-personal being, can be traced back to the earliest days of the Christian church.

He was the pupil of Unitarian Ezra Abbot at Harvard and was the son-in-law to Unitarian Joseph Thayer (Michael Maynard, A History of the Debate over 1 John ,8, p.

Gregory became Professor of Textual Criticism of the New Testament at the modernistic University of Leipzig, and he worked with Ezra Abbot in Germany (The New Schaff-Herzog.

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While Unitarian Universalists hold to widely “divergent concepts of God,” Christian theism teaches that there is only one true God (Isaiah ). 14 This God is self-existent (ExodusPsalm ) and knowable (Genesis ).

He has revealed Himself to humankind through Scripture (2 Timothy ), Jesus (Hebrews ), nature. The first of the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism reads: Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Some UU religious educators refer to the first principle as “the principle we remember.”.God, Jesus, the Bible, and spiritual disciplines. Unitarian Christians have a strong history of liberal Christian belief, of profound liberal social and political activism, and other traditional liberal Christian values.

A survey of Unitarian Christian websites reveals an individual and collective passion for opposing all oppression, defending the.